Local Evaluation

This document explains you how to locally evaluate your submissions before making an official submission to the competition.


  • flatland-rl : We expect that you have flatland-rl installed by following the instructions in Installation.
  • redis : Additionally you will also need to have redis installed and should have it running in the background.

Test Data

  • test env data : You can download and untar the test-env-data <https://www.aicrowd.com/challenges/flatland-challenge/dataset_files>, at a location of your choice, lets say /path/to/test-env-data/. After untarring the folder, the folder structure should look something like:
└── test-env-data
    ├── Test_0
    │   ├── Level_0.pkl
    │   └── Level_1.pkl
    ├── Test_1
    │   ├── Level_0.pkl
    │   └── Level_1.pkl
    ├── Test_8
    │   ├── Level_0.pkl
    │   └── Level_1.pkl
    └── Test_9
        ├── Level_0.pkl
        └── Level_1.pkl

Evaluation Service

  • start evaluation service : Then you can start the evaluator by running :
flatland-evaluator --tests /path/to/test-env-data/


  • run client : Some sample submission code can be found in the starter-kit, but before you can run your code locally using FlatlandRemoteClient, you will have to set the AICROWD_TESTS_FOLDER environment variable to the location where you previous untarred the folder with the test-env-data:
export AICROWD_TESTS_FOLDER="/path/to/test-env-data/"

# or on Windows :
# set AICROWD_TESTS_FOLDER "\path\to\test-env-data\"

# and then finally run your code
python run.py