flatland.core.env_prediction_builder module

PredictionBuilder objects are objects that can be passed to environments designed for customizability. The PredictionBuilder-derived custom classes implement 2 functions, reset() and get([handle]). If predictions are not required in every step or not for all agents, then

  • reset() is called after each environment reset, to allow for pre-computing relevant data.
  • get() is called whenever an step has to be computed, potentially for each agent independently in case of multi-agent environments.
class flatland.core.env_prediction_builder.PredictionBuilder(max_depth: int = 20)[source]

Bases: object

PredictionBuilder base class.

get(self, handle:int=0)[source]

Called whenever get_many in the observation build is called.

handle : int, optional

Handle of the agent for which to compute the observation vector.


A prediction structure, specific to the corresponding environment.


Called after each environment reset.

set_env(self, env:flatland.core.env.Environment)[source]